This property is locally known as Turtle Bluff, and is well known for its array of different plants and fruit trees. 10 acres of property feature large fields, a small orchard, and ponds.

It is also renowned for its coffee concerts by a talented piano maestra. The large rooms are perfect for social gatherings.

Turtle Bluff is situated on the enchanted Marrowstone Island; home to a friendly, country feel, and neighbors from eclectic backgrounds.

The 600 ft. private waterfront supports much sea life, including clams and oysters and many birds of all kinds including eagles and shore birds.
The beach is also used to harvest clams which helps to pay the property taxes.

The forest in the back of the property has many nature trails, including a large pond. There are many flora and fauna that it supports. The timber supports many warm nights by the fire side in the winter.

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